Statistical theory of non-uniform suspensions

Kengo Ichiki < >
(September 9, 2003)

To obtain the governing equation of dispersions such as suspensions is one of the big goal on fluid mechanics and statistical physics. In this talk, a statistical theory of non-uniform suspensions based on the first principle simulations of particle dynamics is presented. The method is applied to the linear sinusoidal non-uniformity, and three types of problmes are solved, where force, torque, and shear flow are applied to the system, respectively. While three problems are independent for uniform case, the non-uniformity produces the coupling among them. Applying the closure procedure, closure relations for force, torque, and viscous stress are obtained, which are valid for all three problems.

[This project is directed by Prof. Prosperetti under DOE grant FG02-99ER14966.]

This is the abstract of my talk at the group seminar on September 19 (Fri).

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