Non-Uniform Suspensions: Statistical Method and Constitutive Relation

Kengo Ichiki < >
(March 11, 2004)

For suspensions (and dispersions, in general), non-uniformity is commonly observed in real situations. However, the theoretical study of non-uniformity is very limited. Non-uniform ensemble averaging technique, which is one subject on this talk, enables us to calculate physical quantities (such as sedimentation velocity and viscosity) based on the first-principle calculations like Stokesian Dynamics. Using this method, we try to deduce the constitutive relation for viscous stress of the suspension, which is the other subject on the talk.

[This project is directed by Prof. Prosperetti under DOE grant FG02-99ER14966.]

This is the abstract of my talk at PoF, Univ. Twente on March 11, 2004.

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