"Dynamics of particles and DNAs in micro/nanofluidic flows"

by Kengo Ichiki, Alexander E. Kobryn, D. Jed Harrison, Andriy Kovalenko
(University of Alberta and National Institute of Technology)


To understand dynamics of macromolecules and DNAs in micro/nanofluidic flows, proper modeling of their interactions is essential. The target objects (analytes) are usually solvated in aqueous solution, and therefore, hydrodynamic interactions and the Brownian forces are the major contributions. In addition, for nanofluidic devices, the boundaries also play an important role.

For particles, the Stokesian-Brownian dynamics method can handle these mechanisms [Brady and Bossis, Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech. (1988) 20 p.111], while for polymer chain, the Brownian dynamics method, a subset of the Stokesian-Brownian dynamics and taking into account only approximated hydrodynamic interactions, is rather used [Larson, J. Rheol. (2005) 49 p.1].

In the present work, we have implemented the finitely extensible nonlinear elastic chain model for DNA molecules into the Stokesian-Brownian dynamics method with the full hydrodynamic interactions. By this method, we study particles and DNAs in pressure-driven and imposed shear flows as well as in complicated geometries such as a slit and porous matrix made by fixed particles.

The application to separation of biomolecules is discussed.

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